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IBSA Goalball world rankings – December update

Date: December 4, 2014

Category: Goalball

Above you can find the links to the IBSA Goalball world rankings as of the end of November, 2014.
No new tournaments have impacted the rankings this month but some old results that were previously not counted have now been added. These tournaments are as follows:

  • Open West Flemish Cup 2013
  • 6th International goalball tournament Sarajevo 2013
  • International goalball tournament, Marseilles 2013
  • 7th International goalball tournament Izola 2012
  • Venice goalball tournament 2012

This month there was a bit of shuffling near the top.
Two nations made a good rise within the top 10. Turkey jumped up from 8 to 2 and was closely followed by Iran who also moved up 6 spots from 10 to 6.
Slovenia continued their yo-yo within the rankings. This time jumping up again from 23 to 13. Otherwise there was a lot of movement between the teams ranked 11 to 20.
Further down, two nations made a good jump from the 30’s to the 20’s. Poland went from 33 to 21 and Thailand from 36 to 23.
Italy slipped down the rankings this month from 22 landing at 32. However, this was not the biggest drop. That went to Australia who fell from 17 to 34.
This month also had two new debutants. This takes the total number of nations on the male rankings to 70. France features for the first time at 46 and Bosnia and Herzegovina start their ranking journey at 65.
The women’s rankings didn’t have as many movers or shakers like the men’s ranking this month.
Within the top 10, Brazil moved up one from 4 to 3 and Turkey from 7 to 6. However, the biggest change is the addition of Iran to the top 10 who jumped a massive 10 spots from 18 to 8.
Similar to the men, there was a lot of shuffling amongst the second group of 10 nations. Australia (12) and Ukraine (14) both enjoyed small rises while Spain (16), Great Britain (17) and Germany (18) all suffered small drops.
For a reminder on how the rankings work, please visit our original article.

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