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IBSA Goalball recertification tournaments – search begins

Date: April 12, 2013

Category: Goalball

In the past, IBSA Goalball has organized a recertification tournament every four years to train our highest level referees on the new rules. This tournament has been traditionally held after the IBSA General Assembly where the proposed rule changes are voted on.
In August the IBSA General Assembly will be taking place in Copenhagen, Denmark. This is where the delegates will vote on the proposed rule changes for the period 2014-2017. Following this, IBSA Goalball can start with recertifying our level III referees.
However, one major change shall occur this year. Instead of one recertification tournament with limited spots and where each referee can only referee a small number of games, we are looking at having a series of recertification tournaments. Working in smaller groups will also give the referees more time to discuss the rules and make sure that the interpretations of the rules are consistent. We plan to have these tournaments between mid-September and mid-December.
IBSA Goalball is now putting a call out for countries, organisations, associations or federations willing to organize one of these recertification tournaments. We ask that the tournament be an international tournament consisting of a minimum number of 3 teams. The tournament should last for at least 2 days. An extra day will be required for the referees before the tournament for the theoretical part of the course. A pre-existing tournament set for this time period can be considered to also become a recertification tournament.
These courses will be run by one of our Senior Course Conductors (SCC). The SCC shall also help the tournament organization committee in terms of what requirements are necessary for the recertification course.
If you are interested in holding one of these tournaments, please contact the IBSA Goalball Sports Director, Kari Räsänen, on the following e-mail address: [email protected].
Senior Course Conductors (SCC)
As mentioned above, the recertification courses will be conducted by a SCC. You may now be wondering, who are they and what is their role?
IBSA Goalball has appointed five SCC’s. They are as follows:

  • Nejc Jakic (Slovenia)
  • Mick McGuire (United Kingdom)
  • Daniel Parisi (United States)
  • Kari Räsänen (Finland)
  • Aurora Zanolin (Italy)

The role of the SCCs is quite specific and includes the following tasks:

  • Certification of Goalball referees at all levels.
  • Be involved with the preparation and revision of:

    • IBSA Goalball Referee’s Handbook
    • IBSA Goalball ITO Manual,
    • Goalball referee written examinations (and the video test portions of the Level III certification course)
    • IBSA Goalball Referee development and eligibility-related matters
    • IBSA Goalball Referee Code of Conduct and sanction issues
  • Senior Course Conductors must be the expert in rules and competition regulations and may be called on to serve as a trainer for technical officials at major IBSA Goalball competitions 

Please note that only SCCs will be eligible to conduct a clinic for IBSA Goalball level III referees.
The eligibility requirements for becoming a SCC will be outlined in the 2014-2017 IBSA Goalball rule book.

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