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Goalball Subcommittee Seeks Inputs for 2018-2021 Rules, Regulations and Referee’s Program Revisions

Date: July 2, 2015

Category: Goalball

Your IBSA Goalball Subcommittee will soon start the process to update the IBSA Goalball Rules and Regulations 2018-2021 and members are invited to participate in this process.


Please make sure your voice is heard.  The current rules of goalball state: “The purpose of the game is for each team to throw the ball by hand, along the floor, with the intent of getting the ball across the opponent’s goal line while the other team attempts to prevent this from happening.”


Our mission is to ensure we are giving blind athletes an effective framework to choose their own game. A game with flow and encouraging skillful throws as well as the ability to defend and control the ball on court.  We also want to be mindful of the sound.  What you hear and what you can’t hear is unique and fundamental for this sport.


Proposals for rule and regulations changes should be sent to [email protected]. The Subcommittee would like to hear proposals and comments from member countries, federations and individuals on existing rules for the coming period.  Submissions for Rule changes should include the rule number, the old text to be changed, the proposed new formulation as well as comments or an explanation as to why the new rule would benefit the sport of Goalball.


We would also like to hear comments and changes for Tournament Regulations (Part B) and Referee’s Program (Part C) as well.  Proposals for changes to Part B should be sent to [email protected].  Proposals for changes to Part C should be sent to [email protected].


The final date for receipt of submissions will be 30 September 2015 although the Subcommittee will continue to accept proposals after this period.  Early proposals will have a better chance to be included in the total overview.  There will also be an opportunity for IBSA members and individuals to comment on the new proposals once the first draft is released in March 2016.


Please ensure this email receives widest dissemination—thanks!

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