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Goalball in Central Europe – MEGL kicks off in style

Date: February 25, 2015

Category: Goalball

The MEGL – Middle European Goalball League – is underway with six teams from three countries taking part in the first edition of the tournament.

The 2015 MEGL features two teams from Slovenia – Karantanija and Storm Clouds, two from Croatia – GKS Zagreb and the Croatian national team, and two from Hungary – Hungary 1 and Hungary 2.

Dates for the inaugural MEGL are:

Match day 1 – 24.01.2015, Zagreb, Croatia
Match day 2 – 21.02.2015, Zagreb, Croatia
Match day 3 – 07.03.2015, Zagreb, Croatia
Match day 4 – 18.04.2015, Pecs, Hungary
The four match days feature a triple round-robin format, with each team playing against the others three times.
The play-offs will take place the day after match day 4 in Pecs.
Following match days one and two the Slovenian teams are out in front. Storm Clouds tops the table with five wins, one draw and two defeats, ahead of Karantanija who have a 5-0-3 record.
Hungary 2 sits in third place ahead of Hungary 1.

Click on the link above for all results, standings and goalscorers.
Click here for more pictures from the MEGL.
For more information on the MEGL contact the Croatian Blind Sports Association at [email protected].

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