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Goalball calendar update – 2014 filling up

Date: September 14, 2013

Category: Goalball

2014 is a big year on the IBSA Goalball calendar due to the IBSA Goalball World Championships being held mid-year in Finland.
In preparation of this major tournament, many nations are organizing friendly international tournaments. Below is a list of tournaments that has recently been added to the IBSA Goalball calendar.
Please also note that referee clinics are regularly being added to the calendar and you should regularly check the calendar for new clinics.
If you wish at any time to have a tournament added to the calendar, please feel free to contact our media co-ordinator Jo Ruba.
To see the full details on any of these tournaments, go to our calendar page.
Parantee Paralympic Tournament – Belgium
Next year, Parantee (Flemish Federation for Disabled Sports), will be organizing the Parantee Paralympic Championships. This is an international tournament consisting of three different sports over three different weekends and Goalball is one of the sports to feature.
The Goalball tournament will be taking place on the weekend of May 1st-4th. Parantee is extending this invitation out to all male national teams.
If you are interested in competing at this tournament, please contact Tim Decleir on [email protected]. Parantee will send out a copy of the entry forms and detailed information to all interested parties closer to the date.
International Tournament – Iran
The Iranian Sports Organisation for the Blind and Vision Impaired is planning on organizing an international tournament set for 4-11 February. This tournament is also only for male national teams.
This tournament will be taking place in the Iranian capital, Tehran.
If you wish to receive more information about this event, please contact Mohsen Jafari [email protected].
4th International Tournament – Poland
Here is one for both male and female national teams. Organised by the Polish Goalball-Torball Association, this tournament will be taking place just before the 2014 IBSA Goalball World Championships, 5-8 June.
This tournament will be limited to 10 mens teams and 6 teams with entries being accepted on a first come first served basis. In 2013 this tournament was attended by 8 mens teams and 4 womens teams from three different continents.
There is also the option to have a training camp prior to or following this tournament.
For further information contact: Konrad Andrzejuk PS Gier [email protected]
To view the full invitation and first entry form, click here.
Saltinis Cup 2014 – Lithuania
To go along with their international tournament for men in April, the Lithuanians are also organizing another tournament end May. This one will be organized by the Lithuanian Champion sports club – Saltinis. The tournament will begin on 29 May and will wrap up on 1 June.
Once again this tournament is only open to male teams.
For the full details click here.

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