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Everything is Golden for Algeria Goalball

Date: March 5, 2016

Category: Goalball

Staoueli Gymnasium in Algiers, Algeria was charged with excitement as the final 4 matches of the 2016 IBSA Goalball Africa Regional Championships would be played to determine the new Africa champions and the who would be Rio bound for the 2016 Paralympic Games.

In today's opening match, Egypt and Morocco women' met to determine who would face Algeria in the Gold medal match to be played later in the day.  While Morocco started strong, the Egyptian women pushed back even stonger and kept the pressure on through the remainder of the match, winning the game 12-2.

Tunisia and Morocco were next to battle, with the prize being the men's Bronze medal.  This game was a strong battle through most of the match, but the Moroccan men, motivated to match the performance of their women counterparts, kept pressure on Tunisia to win, 14-4.

The first of the Gold medal matches was between the Algerian and Egyptian women.  The gym was filled with fans for both teams which gave each team a strong emotional boost.  Althought the young Egyptian team played valiantly, the Algerian team was simply wiser and stronger.  The Algerians gave their local fans what they wanted–a win and a Gold medal as they defeated Egypt 11-1.

With energy from the women's match still charging the air, the Algeria men were ready to give the fans a repeat of the women's performance.  The first Algerian throw, a goal, set the tone for the remainder of the match.  While Egypt fought bck on a couple of occasions, the Algerians were far too motivated to lose and handed their Egyptian rivals a 7-2 los.  This win means the Algeria men will accompany the women to Rio.

With the selection of the two Algerian teams, the qualification process for the 2016 Paralympic Games Goalball competition comes to a close.

 Algeria is ready to show the world they have what it takes to become Paralympic champions.  Will they succeed, stay tuned and find out!

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