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Algeria after best ever African Championships

Date: March 25, 2015

Category: Goalball

NPC Algeria has now released the official invitation for the 2015 IBSA Goalball African Championships. This is a fantastic opportunity once again for Africa to showcase how much goalball continues to grow in popularity across the continent. The top nation in the men’s and women’s division will also qualify for the 2016 Rio Paralympic Games.

An extra effort is being made to get a large number of female teams to compete at the end of year championships. Free accommodation and local public transport has been offered to all women’s teams who will compete at the championships.

For the tournament to be eligible to be a Paralympic qualifying event, at least four teams needs to participate in each division. At the moment it seems that this is well on the way to happening. Teams who have shown interest in competing so far include Central African Republic, Congo, Egypt, Ghana, Morocco, Rwanda and Algeria on the men’s side. On the female side, hosts Algeria hope to be joined by Central African Republic, Congo, Egypt, Ghana and Rwanda.

We within IBSA Goalball are very excited about this regional championship and we believe it will have the highest number of participants ever for an IBSA Goalball African Championship.

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