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2014 goalball calendar – something for everyone

Date: December 23, 2013

Category: Goalball

Twenty-eight men’s and women’s teams have qualified for the 2014 IBSA Goalball World Championships and it can be guaranteed that they will be looking for a pre-tournament event. Well these teams have an unbelievable amount to choose from. The calendar is packed full of tournaments leading up to this event.
However, these twenty-eight nations are the minority and there are many other nations also looking for tournaments as either a warm-up to the 2014 IBSA Goalball European Championships Men & Women B or just a tournament for international experience and development.
Here are two more tournaments that cover this second category.
Goalball UK International tournament
Goalball is growing in the UK at an exciting speed following the success of the 2012 London Paralympic Games. In their efforts to further promote international goalball, Goalball UK is organizing an international tournament. This tournament will commence on August 8 2014 and concludes on August 10 with teams departing on August 11.
The tournament has both a female and male division focusing on different groups. Up to five female national teams are invited to compete in the women’s competition. Just six weeks out from the 2014 IBSA Goalball European Championships B means that this is a great warm up tournament.
The male division is focusing more on development and experience on the international stage. This is a 21s and under tournament. Up to eight male teams are invited to compete in this tournament.
For full details on this tournament, click here.
Alataa International Championships
This is another tournament set for August 2014. The Alataa Club for Blind Persons in       conjunction with the Jordan Paralympic Committee is organising an international tournament. Amman, Jordan, is the location for this tournament. This is a part of the world where goalball is enjoying a rapid growth. This is a chance to support the development of goalball in this region.
The tournament will run from 22-28 August 2014.
If you would like to read more information about this tournament, click here.

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